14 Ways to Earn Money from the Internet in 2020 – Currently there are many choices that you can use to earn income online, several ways to get money from the internet without capital we will discuss through this article.

How Much Money Can You Make from the Internet?

Maybe this is the first question that comes to your mind.

For the income you can get is influenced by many factors, ranging from how consistent and your focus in doing it, to the type of business that is occupied.

To get it can not be done quickly, because it requires a process. So you need to have a commitment in order to get results as expected.

Here are some ways to get money from the internet easily:

  • Join the affiliate program
  • Selling goods online
  • Join the AdSense program
  • Selling website
  • Become an article writer
  • Other methods and steps you can follow easily below.

Things That Must Be Prepared to Get Started

Before you try to get money from the internet, make sure you have made preparations in accordance with the choices that you will try.

The following are important things that you must have before starting to implement them.

You need to know, this is just the big picture, for details will be explained in each of the ways that we will discuss.

1. Supporting Devices

The device in question is a tool that can be used to access the internet. A computer or smartphone device is recommended if you have limited funds.

2. Internet connection

At present the internet connection has become a necessity that must be met for smartphone users. Similarly, when you are looking for income online, an internet connection is one of the main ones.

3. Understanding/Relevant Knowledge

The choice to generate income from the internet is of course not just one, there are currently various ways to get money from the internet that you can use to make coffers of money.

However, so that you are successful, be sure to understand the business or business that will be run.

For example, you want to get income from blogs with Adsense as a source of income. The thing that must be understood is how to increase a lot of blog visitors and understand how Google Adsense works and regulations.

4. Email Account and Other Accounts

An email address is one of the things you must have when registering or displaying it on the website so that it is easy to contact.

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If you don’t understand how to make it, please follow our tutorial on how to make an email.

For example, when you want to try an affiliate business like dominoqq terpercaya, to get an affiliate link, you must register first by using an email address.

What is an affiliate business?

Relax, we will discuss it in full through this article.

What is clear, you will get 70% commission every time you sell web hosting products.

In addition to your email address, you also need a social media account like Facebook or Instagram (depending on the type of business being run).

5. Bank Account

Because to generate income that you will run through the internet, of course you will need a bank account. This will make it easier for you to receive payments, whether from companies or customers who buy your products or services.

14 Ways to Earn Money from the Internet in 2020

Here are 14 different ways to get money from the internet that you can apply, namely:

1. Join the Affiliate Program

Affiliate is one way to get money from the internet without capital that anyone can do easily.

For those of you who are still unfamiliar to hear the word affiliate or affiliate, to illustrate easily you can imagine how a broker works.

For example a realtor, they will spread information about the house for sale.

If the house is sold through his hands, he will get the benefit in the form of money according to the agreement made between the broker and the owner of the house.

The amount of the profit depends on the agreement, it can be a percentage of the price of the house or the sale price minus the price desired by the homeowner.

For affiliate business the procedure is not much different, you only need to offer an affiliate product then if sold you will get a commission in accordance with the company.

Products here vary, depending on the company that you follow.

For example, a web has a product in the form of hosting services (please read the article about the definition of hosting, if you want to know what hosting is). You only need to share a referral link or promo code from your affiliate, then you will get a commission from every purchase of a new Indonesian hosting through your referral link.

How Much Commission Amount Can I Get?
Currently the commission you will get is 70% of the total price paid by the buyer.

For example if someone buys hosting through your referral link for a personal hosting package of one year duration, if the normal price is Rp. 1,251,000 with 35% discount, meaning the total hosting fee is Rp. 813,600.

Then the commission that you will get is the price after the discount multiplied by 70%, Rp. 813,600 x 70% = Rp. 569,520.

This is only from one buyer, what if in a month there are 10 or 20 buyers?

2. Selling Goods

Are you able to provide items that many people need?

Why not try to sell it through the internet. You only need to display pictures with complete information about the items being sold.

So that you don’t have to bother leaving your house to deliver goods, you can look for suppliers that offer reseller programs that are sent directly to customers. To find it is very easy, you can search for it on Google by typing in keywords related to resellers, for example clothes resellers.

How to sell it?
If the items to be sold are available, now is the time to start selling.

To sell it, now there are many various online buying and selling media that you can use for free. Starting from marketplaces like Tokopedia or Bukalapak, to social media like Facebook or Instagram.

Make Your Business Trusted
To increase the level of trust prospective buyers, make sure you have a website to display the items along with your contacts.

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Then How to Make a Website?
Surely that is a question that arises in your mind that does not understand the website and its functions.

We have provided tutorials on how to create a website for beginners. Please follow the following tutorial on how to create an online store.

3. Create eBooks

Maybe you have expertise or knowledge in a particular field, it never hurts to try to make eBooks. Make sure the eBooks that you make have word order that is easy to understand, so that what you want to convey can be understood by the reader.

For example, if your eBook is about a tutorial, make sure the steps are clear with a screenshot or picture.

For eBook examples, please check via the following link.

What are the Benefits of Making eBooks?
Like the title in this article, of course you already have an idea of ​​what are the benefits of making eBooks. Some people who try their luck in the world of internet marketing have certainly made eBooks, here are the benefits:

1. Get a Subscriber

If you want to make money from the internet, make sure you have loyal subscribers. Not much different when you sell, of course you must have loyal customers so that your merchandise sells.

To get loyal subscriber, the best way is to get their email address by requiring subscribe before the eBook will be downloaded for free.

Need an example of the plot like what?

You can mimic the flow. 🙂

For how to make it very easy if your website uses WordPress, you only need to install the following plugin and a few settings.

Please follow the tutorial on how to create a website, if you don’t have a website yet.

2. Get income

Most bloggers to earn more focus on the blog content that they make, even though eBooks can be used to increase conversions.

There are two things you can use, first you will get their email address to send email offers about the products you sell. Then the second, you can insert an affiliate link.


For affiliate links, make sure the product matches the type of your eBook. For example, if your eBook discusses tips on tourism, the closest affiliate is a hotel or travel ticket.

3. Increase the Readership

PDF files are very easy to share and access at any time without the need for an internet connection. Thus, the potential number of readers of your writing will increase. Make sure the contents of your eBook have benefits that can solve many people’s problems.

4. Join the AdSense Program

Do you have friends or neighbors who are at home every day but still make a living?

Don’t think negatively first, maybe he is a blogger who has a source of income from Google Adsense. So, how do you get money from Google Adsense?

What is Google AdSense?
This is a service owned by Google to display advertisements on a website. These ads come from people or companies who want to do promotions through Google AdWords according to certain keywords.

Benefits of Following the Google AdSense Program
More targeted advertising
Your ad will be adjusted by first reviewing it to suit your website content or visitors.

In addition, advertisements will be adjusted according to the type of device used by visitors.

So the results you will get have greater potential.

For types of ads that you can install in the form of text, image, multimedia and many more.

Control in Your Hands
You don’t need to worry about ads with negative content, because each ad will be reviewed first.

In addition, you can also check ads, then block ads that do not want to appear on your blog.

You can even block certain advertisers and choose ads that fit your content.

Only the Highest Paid Ad Showing
Advertisers will compete to place ads in the best part of your website. So that the potential you can generate will be greater, with targeted advertising.

Responsive Advertising
Ads on your website will display well on a variety of devices, whether desktop or mobile.

Ad sizes will follow the size of the device screen used. So you will still be able to earn even if visitors access your blog through a smartphone or tablet.

Optimize Revenue
You can see reports on which ad units have the best revenue and which ads with less climbs. So you can easily determine which ads are still displayed based on the position and type of ads.

How does it work?
Of course you still remember about how to promote eBooks so that they are more targeted. For example there are companies that want to advertise their products through Google AdWords with certain keywords. Then the ad appears on your blog.

Now you will get paid every time someone clicks on the ads displayed on your website or blog.

How to get started
In order for you to join the Google AdSense program, you must have a website or blog with several published articles. Currently to make it, it is very easy and does not require a long time, please follow the tutorial on how to create a blog for beginners that we have written complete steps.

Next is to register your blog to place Adsense ads through the following link.

Please wait for the email notification from Google Adsense regarding whether your AdSense account application was accepted or rejected. If rejected, please follow the instructions given by the AdSense party listed on the email.

If accepted, please post your ad according to the instructions provided or please follow the tutorial on how to install Adsense on the blog.

Want to be easily accepted by Adsense? Check out our tips
For some people, registering Adsense is not easy. Even though you have already been refused several times, are you one of them?

If true, the following tips will help you get your AdSense application accepted.

Mostly, the motivation for people to sign up for Adsense is to get income from blogs and enjoy life as desired without being bound by the company.

Yes, that is the dream of most bloggers, including writers. 😀

Although the way it works is simple, which is to create a blog, write articles, then register Adsense and get income. The process requires time and special attention to receive the request.

Because the number of people cheating when participating in the AdSense program is not small, so the process of approval for a new account is quite strict.

For this reason, through this article we will provide tips so that your AdSense application is approved.

Do the Following Before Registering Adsense
Create Quality Content
Quality articles are the main things you should consider when you sign up for Google Adsense. Because Google prefers visitor experience by displaying quality content in the top ranking of search results.

Because your website will be reviewed first, so make sure the content that you create is of good quality.

What is quality content like?

Of course your content is unique and not copy and paste, there are subtitles and lists, no writing errors, lengthy, useful information.

5. Article Making Services

The more people who try their luck on the internet such as creating a blog to follow the AdSense program, of course there will be more blog owners who need articles.

This is an opportunity for those of you who like writing, this is one way to get money from the internet that you can try.

How to start?

One way you only need to imitate the people who have already lived it, for that to see how they can promote their services.

You can visit internet marketing forums, for example like ads.id or the Indonesian Blogger group if on Facebook.

Please join, then look for threads or posts of people who sell articles. From there you can imitate many things, ranging from the type of article, the price determined and so on.

Please note, then publish your new thread to open an article writing service.

6. Selling Domains

In the modern era like today, many investment opportunities are available, not just gold or property investment. It turns out that you can use the domain to make money. You can buy domain names that have names that sell.

After that you can install it on a domain buying and selling service like Sedo.com. For how to sell it, please follow the article on how to sell a domain at Sedo.com.

Besides you sell domains on Sedo.com, you can also sell them at auction services like Flippa.com, want to know the list price of domains that are sold? Please check via the following link.

7. Sell a Website or Blog

Selling a website we mean is a website that already has visitors and the amount of income they get each month.

How to make money from the internet by selling websites the process is longer, it cannot be achieved in a fast time such as opening a website creation service, because what you sell is a website that has visitors and if possible who has an income.

But for the selling price you can get several times the net income generated by the website every month.

Net income in question is after deducting operational costs such as hosting costs and others.

For example for a website that was successfully sold on Flippa, for a monthly net income of $ 140 sold for $ 11,740 USD.

8. Create YouTube Video Content

Although YouTube has changed its policy regarding YouTube Partner Program requirements on January 16, 2018, it aims to ensure YouTube creator revenue remains stable.

This is an opportunity for those of you who want to try ways to get money from the internet besides creating a blog. You only need to create interesting video content, then upload it on YouTube.

This is one of the online businesses without big capital. You have the opportunity to earn a large income, even if only with a smartphone camera and an internet connection.

The more people who are interested in your videos, the better chance of earning money.

You will get income from two choices, the first to make money from ad impressions displayed on video and the second is obtained from YouTube Red subscriber.

How to get started
If you already have a Google account, please log in directly to YouTube, if not already, please register in advance via the following link.

After you log in to your YouTube account, please click on your account icon in the top right corner, then select Creator Studio.
Then in the menu section on the left please select the Channel menu> Status and features.
Please click Activate in the Monetization section, then follow the instructions that appear.
So you can receive payments, you need an Adsense account. Please create an Adsense account or you can link an Adsense account to your channel if you already have an AdSense account. To make it please open the following link.

You can follow our article How to Register YouTube AdSense for more information. YouTube video

9. Create a Mobile Application

If you like playing games, of course you know the Flappy Bird game that got viral with advertising revenue reaching $ 50,000 a day.

You also have the same opportunity, it only takes the ability to create mobile applications like Android and then upload them through the Play Store.

So what if you can not make a mobile application, you can pay Android developers to create applications as desired.

If you want to explore how to get money from the internet through Android application development, you can learn through the Android developer site.

Then, to market it can be uploaded on the Play Store by paying $ 25 for registration fees via the following link.

10. Become an Article Writer

Having writing skills does not have to always publish a book or novel. You can immediately get money in a short time by becoming a contributor on a website that pays the author. How to get money from the internet with writing skills does not require a long process. You just need to find the right website and write articles according to the specified theme.

For different payment models, ranging from paid per word, per article to revenue sharing with website owners from the advertising revenue obtained.

As for domestic websites that provide this kind of program such as Babe, Jalan Tikus or UC News.

11. Microstock

For those of you who want to explore the field of photographer or graphic design, this one option can be used as a passive income. You do not need to worry about how to get money from the internet is not successful, just produce lots of images (photos, vector illustrations, etc.) which then upload it on the microstock provider website.

Your image can be purchased multiple times and you will get paid for the sale. Although this option is not an instant way to make money, but if you routinely send pictures, the results are certainly quite large.

An example of success, there are Indonesian people who try seriously in this field can make $ 400 – $ 1000 per month just by making approximately 350 vectors. To find out more, please read the posting in the Kaskus forum.

Even though this is the last one on our list, it doesn’t mean that there are only 11 ways to get money from the internet.

12. Complete an Online Survey

This is a way to make money from the internet that is quite easy and does not require expertise. Indeed completing an online survey is not the best way to get large amounts of money from the internet. But for those of you who want quick results without having the special ability to complete the task, this method can be the best choice.

Is there a difference between offline surveys and online surveys? The difference is only from the medium, the questions in the online survey are not much different from the general offline survey. Rewards from online surveys vary, you can get cash, coupons, merchandise and discount vouchers easily.

Here are some popular and trusted online survey websites that you can use to earn money online;

Pinecone Research
Pro Opinion

13. Become a Website or Tester Application

If you are an expert in maximizing website performance, becoming a website tester is a worthy choice. Looking for gaps that make the website / application performance is not optimal and improve website / application functionality will be a pleasant job.

For example, evaluating the navigation menu is confusing. Provide input on how a website or application can be accessed quickly to determine the color combination that is suitable for a website or application.

Because work like this does not require a long time, many small companies to large companies choose to use the services of a tester to help them find flaws and help find solutions.

Here are some websites and applications that open up the opportunity for you to become a tester.

User Test
To get money from the internet is not much different when you are looking for money offline, it needs understanding and seriousness. So before you start, make sure you understand how it works and focus on running it.

14. Play http://www.afterthuglife.com/

If you wish to earn quick cash online, than there’s nothing more effective and quicker than playing http://www.afterthuglife.com/. You can earn much bucks by playing slot online at home, using the internet.

If you have a way to make money from other internet, do not hesitate to share through the comments column, so that it can provide inspiration for readers of this blog.

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