Saturday, April 7, 2018 was a beautiful early spring day in New York City. Hardly a day you would expect people to spend half the day in a windowless event room at Microsoft’s Time Square headquarters. But interest in all things blockchain is high and iBeeHubb: All You Have to Know About Blockchain was well attended.

By Marcos Dinnerstein

Below are some thoughts on some of the panels.

iBeeHub Audience 2018-04-07

IBeeHub 30th Entrepreneur Startup Camp: All You Have to Know About BlockChain

Jiangtao Sun on screen

Jiangtao Sun

The keynote address was delivered remotely by Jiangtao Sun, founder of China Binary Sale Technology Ltd and a well-known blockchain investor. Since 2014 he has invested in diverse blockchain companies including those in the payments, social networking, credit, and media fields.

Blockchain, Blockchain!

Panel : Blockchain! Blockchain!-with 3 people

Michael Chang, Joel Telpner, and Harumi Urata-Thompson

  • Harumi Urata-Thompson, Founder and CEO of HUT Consulting
  • Joel Telpner, Partner at Sullivan Worcester LLP
  • Michael Chang, SVP, Technology Banking at Jeffries

This free ranging discussion touched on how businesses enabled by blockchain could replace the incumbent business models. Those mentioned were: supply chain management, food supply, manufacturing, healthcare (watch out for regulatory hurdles!), land titles, and financial services.

Each of these verticals has intermediaries who can be removed from a chain of processes for greater efficiency and lower costs. The panel also noted the changing regulatory environment and how the S.E.C. is being more active in oversight of companies planning to do ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings). During QA session, the question was asked, “Will quantum computing threaten the immutable nature of blockchain? The answer: Quantum blockchain. It will certainly be an arms race with vast sums of money at stake.

ICO and regulations of exchange

Panel: ICO and regulations of exchange with 3 people

Estella Liu,, Xuan Wei and Ken Chester

  • Moderator: Ken Chester is one of the founding members of CtrlShift, Inc, a new media organization covering international blockchain developments and events in New York City.
  • Panelist: Xuan Wei serves as the Director of Legal department in BitMart. (Their token is BMX)
  • Panelist: Estella Liu,  Business Development for  Bibox, a top 20 crypto exchange in the world. (Their token is BIX)

The executives representing the two token exchanges discussed the shifting legal and regulatory environments across China and other countries with active cryptocurrency markets.

Leveraging the Applications

Panel with 3 people

Virgil Zhang, Jesse Grushack, Ken Chester

  • Moderator: Ken Chester, Co-Founder, CtrlShift, Inc.
  • Panelist: Virgil Zhang, Tech Strategist at Microsoft.
  • Panelist: Jess Grushack, Co-Founder Ujo Music

What will the music industry look like in 5 or 10 years? Right now, the music industry is doing just fine, thank you. Their attitude seems to be, “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” But with companies like Ujo Music and platforms enabled by Microsoft it certainly won’t be another version of iTunes, Pandora or Spotify. And today’s incumbents will have to change their tune. In a blockchain enabled future artists will get a greater cut of the income from the sale of their music and other features will be enabled by these new distribution platforms. Copyright and digital rights management will certainly not be what it is today.

This five hour marathon event, long on fascinating speakers and info, made staying indoors well worth the time investment.