VR is the future, they say. You leave this world behind and enter a new reality – but have you really left the confines of this reality behind?

Nonetheless, for those of us who have sampled VR offerings, via gaming, films, or other immersive content, there is still a significant hurdle to overcome. We have indeed entered a brave new world, yet are paralyzed by the world our physical bodies continue to inhabit. While it seems we’re moving about these new worlds with wild abandonment, we’re still only moving our heads – and this makes virtual reality less of a reality.

Instead, imagine if the walls and passageways and objects within a game all corresponded with the physical world and could be interacted with and explored with our own hands and feet.
Location-based VR does exactly this by allowing freedom of movement, and thus providing the most immersive experience possible. The Void and Zero Latency are “free roam” location-based VR companies that have launched their first locations in the US this year, and now Hyperverse plans to take this pioneering field to a completely new level.

In short, Hyperverse is a full-presence VR experience distribution platform, with a proprietary inside out tracking system which gives users the opportunity for unlimited movement in space. Your movement in reality is your movement within the game. Hyperverse’s technology is furthermore adaptable to any size of room, regardless of geometry. According to Roman Mikhailov, Co-Founder and CEO of Hyperverse, the technology is up to 50 times cheaper than all other options on the market today. Beyond economical considerations, its space flexibility, and a semi-automatic setup process requiring no special experience, is key to its success trajectory.

At this point, Hyperverse also tracks both hands and weapons as well, which makes in-game weapon usage extremely realistic, with no controllers required. If there is a sword in the VR environment, then you behave as if you are really holding a sword – if it’s a blaster, then you hold the blaster in the same way that a certain, well-known smuggler would. On top of it all, there’s also telekinesis, which means you’re on your way to becoming a jedi!

As for equipment, Hyperverse uses an immersive headset and a backpack with the most powerful VR-ready PC inside of it.

Beyond this, its proprietary distribution platform allows integration with independent game studios, while covering all locations under strict quality control from Hyperverse. The company plans to update the content regularly, providing a multitude of different scenarios. This will make players eager for more, and set up Hyperverse with a bright future in the industry.

The team also plans to open locations in cooperation with theme parks and owners of large spaces to maximize content realization. Original content from Hyperverse is now available, with demo locations continuing to open up worldwide.

Author: Kristyn A. Green

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