Year after year, the process of securing Internships is becoming more challenging for young Africans, since an ever-growing number of young people have decided to pursue higher education.

The difficult processes of searching and applying by students and short listing by firms thus informed the founders of Placements of the need to streamline this process and capture all aspects of career development, enterprise development and job creation. They launched this solution in their home country of Nigeria, to connect Qualified Interns with reputable employers to work with, and use it as a springboard to expand even further.

With a total population of over 186 million Nigerians, more than half of the total population is under 30. This holds true throughout Africa and therefore makes the rest of the continent’s 54 countries an attractive target for expansion.

“It is so sad that a large percentage of Nigerian Graduates and Undergrads are Unemployed or not employable here in Nigeria, so their ability to land their dream jobs after school is compromised,” Co-Founder and CEO Oyaleke Ayobami said. “Employers, on the other hand, want to be sure that they have found the right peg for the right hole, and want to know if a prospective hire has a high level of proficiency and potential in their field.”

Internships have proven to be the smartest way of entering into an organization, yet the variety of barriers to this process can be mind-boggling. For instance, there is no centralized system where Employers can access Qualified Interns and likewise for interns to access reputable employers. Indeed, there exists a great need for low-risk and low-confusion processes to match interns and employers.

So, what role does Ayobami envision for Placements in the midst of this current situation? “Presently, we are working to drastically reduce the level of Unemployment in Africa by equipping Undergrads, Grad students and Unemployed graduates with the necessary skills needed to make them employable in the labour market using e-learning management systems and connecting them with a best-fit employer to work with, leading to a full time employment after the Internship program.”

After 20 months of operation, Placements has expanded its employment solution to serve over 27,000 Interns , over 2,000 Employers and over 5,000 interns who have secured Internships via the platform.

With a market size of over $11 Billion in Africa, they show no signs of slowing down. The company currently brings in revenue through both B2B and B2C business models. Interns are charged a small fee of $5 for placement services, while employers pay a monthly subscription fee of $25, which can vary depending on which subscription plan they choose.

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