4 startups that stood out at TIA Singapore 2018’s Startup Factory (Day 1)

TIASG2018 Startup Factory

This year’s installment of Startup Factory saw a total of 185 exhibitors from over 37 verticals, ranging from SaaS, AI, to hardware and big data.

Read on below for four startups that caught our attention on day 1!


TIASG2018 Kardian

The wireless and contactless health monitoring system is able to detect and monitor vitals such as breathing, heart rate, sleep apnea, and look out for falls. The technology powering Kardian sends out 20,000 nano-pulses per second and gathers valuable data to its surrounding. The system detects falls 99.9 percent of the time, and has drastically lowered false alarm rates at 96 percent accuracy.


TIASG2018 Memsource

Built for the translation community of buyers, agencies, and translators, Memsource is an AI-powered translation management system that provides an easy-to-use, powerful, and customizable translation environment. In addition to maintaining full control over the translation process in real-time, you’ll also be able to assign translation jobs to vendors or post them on the Memsource job board.

Pokeguide (Day 1 & Day 2)

TIASG2018 Pokeguide

Pokeguide aims to disrupt the way pedestrians navigate with augmented reality. The mobile app improves the efficiency of passengers riding on mass rapid railways, allowing passengers to tell which carriage and door is nearest to the escalator and lift. In addition, users are informed of the directions from the metro exit to their destination, as well as VR navigation inside the metro station.


TIASG2018 Uglyfood
UglyGood is a cleantech startup focus on transforming organic waste into valuable products by providing upcycling solutions. They specialize in recycling organic waste byproducts such as fruit waste, coffee waste, and more. The startup helps F&B manufacturers, restaurants and even small businesses become more environmentally friendly and sustainable in their operations. Till date, UglyGood has diverted over 10,000kg of waste & reduced over 20,000kg of carbon emissions.

89 new startups await you at day 2!

A different set of startups will be exhibiting tomorrow at Startup Factory – check out the full list of exhibitors.

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