Welding working on component of a prefab building

Inside the Brooklyn factory building stackable homes

“It’s pretty much Legos and Erector Sets,” says Full Stack Modular CEO Roger Krulak, who’s working to revolutionize the homebuilding industry.

A steel frame moves from workstation to workstation, first being outfitted with wall panels, then threaded with electrical wiring and plumbing, and finally mounted to a steel chassis to form one wall of a bathroom “pod.” This pod will then be slotted into a larger module comprising a bedroom and kitchen, and the full module will be stacked atop similar modules, forming a multi-level apartment building.

This is what work is like inside Full Stack Modular, a 100,000-square-foot factory in the Brooklyn Navy Yard that builds modular housing — a form of construction where a structure is built in pieces (or modules) in a factory and then assembled at the construction site (also known as prefabricated housing).

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