Panel Discussion: VC, Blockchain, Crypto Investors

Starta Ventures is hosting a blockchain themed Panel Discussion to bring together NYC’s VC & crypto community – thought leaders, venture investors, hedge fund managers and advocates. Starta Ventures aim to learn from their fellows in this field while sharing our own vision of hybrid venture capital investing. Hosted by Serge Milman @ Starta Ventures.

The panel feature insights from Ryan Lechner (ConsenSys), Kirk McMurray (, Scott Gralnick (I94 Capital).
-Crypto Does Not Equal Blockchain
-Regulations On the Blockchain. Not For the Blockchain
-Will Blockchain Take Control of National and Social Identification Systems?
-ICO tools, Hybrid Intelligence, Market Trends, Investment Strategy and Techniques.
-How to Pick Winners in ICO Investing? Investor Guidelines.
-What Worked in 2017? What Will Work in 2018?