Image: Credit Card

Credit Card Aims to Pay Users 1% Crypto Back Rewards

Here’s an interesting way to dip your toes into the (speculative) world of investing in, and owning cryptocurrencies.

A new type of credit card aims to pay users cryptocurrency rewards rather than the typical ‘cash back’ incentives offered by traditional cards. The San Francisco based startup Blockrize aims to provide its customers with a 1% ‘crypto back’ rewards paid out in BTC or ETH.

A Credit Line That Offers Crypto-Back Rewards for Every Purchase

A twenty-five-year-old named Thomas Harrison has decided to build a credit card called Blockrize, that offers a line of credit and pays users back 1% in cryptocurrency rewards for every purchase. Harrison was once the head of operations for the now-defunct Whatsgoodly app that offered different types of online polling. According to Harrison in an interview with the financial news outlet Market Watch, the card already has more than 2,000 individuals on the waiting list.

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