Image: Ice Cream

Bitcoin on Lightning Too Risky? Maybe Ice Cream Will Tempt You

Image: Ice Cream

Coindesk takes a look at Block and Jerry’s, a company that’s somewhere between a Proof of Concept (POC) and an experiment to see if merchants can finally use bitcoins in everyday transactions. Don’t risk more than the price of a slice of pizza just yet.

I scream. You scream. Crypto screams for ice cream?

At least that’s what three college students are hoping for in starting an ice-cream delivery service in San Francisco, one that will run solely on bitcoin’s in-development Lightning Network at launch.

Dubbed Block and Jerry’s, a play on the popular U.S. brand Ben and Jerry’s, the service was created to give real consumers a reason to push forward the bleeding-edge payments technology – one that, after years of ideation, is just now beginning to see real testing and use.

“We think that this is a motivating factor to jump into bitcoin and start playing around with the Lightning Network and getting to understand it,” Block and Jerry’s co-founder Rob Durst told CoinDesk.

With the news, Block and Jerry’s also joins a small, but growing number of businesses (both existing and experimental) that have set up shops connected to Lightning’s growing network. Now nearly 1,000 nodes strong, this momentum shows a growing interest in the scaling technology, positioned as a way to move transactions off of the blockchain in an effort to allow bitcoin to handle greater adoption.

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