5 bike-sharing users you’ll meet in Singapore (INFOGRAPHIC)

Bike-sharing is thriving in Singapore. But while the the arrival of bicycle services provides excellent last-mile solutions for commuters, some cyclists have abused the system to the disadvantage of others.

Singapore is a small city with a high percentage of land space taken up by roads. While the government is working hard to build more cycling paths, locals need to learn the basics of bike-sharing etiquette for the practice to thrive.

Based on insights by ofo, here are five typical bike-sharing users you’re bound to meet in Singapore. Which one are you?

Designed by: Zachary Black

ofo is one of the world’s first bike-sharing company to provide users with a “non-docking” platform, and has a true bike-sharing model that allows riders to offer their own bicycles for access to the company’s entire fleet. Since entering the Singapore market, ofo has worked closely with regulators and government agencies to build a safe cycling culture that everyone can enjoy.

To find out more about ofo, visit its website here.

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