Georgia University In Tbilisi Launches Israel Tech Hub

December 6, 2017 | Georgia’s Business and Technology University, a private university in Tbilisi, is set to open a new education center focused on Israeli technology. The new hub will train students and graduates and provide employment opportunities in Israel and in local Georgian industry. According to a report in the Georgian news agency Inter Press News, the project is at least partly funded by the Israeli government. The amount was not disclosed but is said to be several million. The hub hopes to complete training for roughly 100 students by next year. The university, located in an area dubbed “Silicon Valley Tbilisi,” held an event celebrating the launch of the project, attended by university and government officials in Georgia, the Israeli Ambassador to Georgia, Shabtai Tsur and the Honorary Consul of Georgia in Israel, Meni Benish. University Rector Mikheil Batiashvili said the “project and cooperation with the Israeli side is very important for the University of Business and Technology,” adding that graduates of the program are expected to be involved “in international level projects that provide high pay.” Benish said the project was an investment in the students who would later have the experience to play a major role in Georgia’s tech industry. “At the initial stage, the trained [students] will be remotely employed at companies in Israel. During the next year about 100 people will be trained,” Benish said according to the report.